My Orange Moon – Messages From Heaven

Have you ever seen an orange moon? Hang out at my house and I bet the frequency increases. That’s my reality. Here’s how it all started.

The night before Cameron’s memorial, a few of us stood out by the pool. I had taken the dog out. My daughter wanted to “help”. My Mom joined, I think mostly to get out of the house for a minute. I don’t recall what we were talking about. However, I will never forget what my daughter said to change the subject. She was in awe as she pointed at the sky and said, “Mom, look at the moon. It’s orange. It’s Cameron’s special moon!”

I’m sure I’ve seen an orange moon before. At least I think I have? Although, standing there in that moment I was seeing one for the first time. It was beautiful. It’s possible her reason was the cause. Regardless, it was a sweet sentiment. We were a bit amazed she came up with it. She was only 4.

What began happening amazed me even more.

That orange moon started showing up regularly. My husband would tell you it was all random. However, for me it always coincided with key moments. A day I had hid in the bathroom to cry. After a conversation I had with Cameron about feeling so disconnected from him. Our first time having friends over to the house (friends now in our life because of his death). Really anytime I’m having a rough day, or anytime I’ve done something fun that would make him happy.

An orange moon is one of the ways Cameron is still communicating with me. It’s a way he likes to say hi. A way he reassures me that he’s still here and sends his love.

Some of my friends have witnessed these moons. On each of those occasions, they were magnificent displays of orange. Shortly after the most recent, I received a text message. She lived only 10 minutes away, and she told me the moon was not orange at her house. It was validation to her that they were special. Just for me.

My Mom holds this same theory. She is constantly looking for signs. When I comment on seeing an orange moon, she always responds the same, “I swear it is never orange here. I’ve never seen them like I have at your house.”

I’m sure someone can come up with a scientific reason. I’m not interested in hearing it, though. For me, it brings just a little bit of joy. A smile. A beautiful moment mixed with sadness and love. It’s as if we get to share just one more hug and blow each other a kiss. It’s what my grieving heart needs in those moments.

Do you get signs from heaven?

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4 Comments on “My Orange Moon – Messages From Heaven”

  1. I have not lost a child, but I did lose my sister, who was my very best friend, when I was 23 and she had just turned 25. 13 years later I still get little messages from her. I recently had my first child and when we left the hospital and got in the car, my iTunes randomly started playing the Rascal Flatts song, “where you are”… I haven’t listened to them in years but they were one of her favorites. I think it was her telling me she wished she could be there with me and my sweet new baby. It never gets easier but it is nice to know she’s still watching out.

  2. I started in to work today and I was so upset I came back home. I lay here in bed watching tv and trying to keep my mind occupied. I was thinking, who understands what I am going threw and I thought of your email when I joined. The similarities are crazy. My son’s name is Cameron and I lost him 12-16-16 in a horrible car accident, his senior year last day of school for Christmas break. Turtles is his animal spirit and I also see that beautiful orange moon and I thought of it in the same way. I am always looking in the sky for some kind of sign or message. I still feel all the darkness and sadness like it was yesterday and I cannot see Christmas the same way any more . It is always destroying what is left of this family. I had an adult daughter still at home and me and my husbands. We all grieve differently and I guess we try and pull each other into our path and it only leads to a dead end.

  3. Try using a pendulum, asking yes/no questions. Draw a large + sign on the paper (yes=north/south, and no= east/west. Hold it steady where they meet. Ask ________insert name______ to come and speak with you. Ask yes/no questions and they will answer. I lost my mother and brother this past year, and chat with them a lot. 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing. I lost my granddaughter a year ago September. She was 8 Months 21 days old. She died at daycare after being swaddled and left alone. She rolled over and suffocated. We are grieving every minute. We see orange butterflies everywhere and they remind us that she is here with us …

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