5 Parental Frustrations

When you become a parent you expect there will be moments that drive you batty. I have to admit, these are 5 parental frustrations I never expected. Though, I’m guessing they are pretty universal.

  1. Where are your shoes? – Every day I ask this question at least twice! They never remember where they took them off. And somehow the shoes end up being in two different places. How does that even happen? We recently concluded a 3-day hunt for a new pair of shoes. She put them in a drawer in her bathroom!! The bathroom she rarely uses because she’s always in mine.
  2. Trash on the floor – My kids will pick up trash on the side of the road all day long. However, they can’t seem to pick up any trash around the house. Band aid wrappers all over the bathroom floor. Candy wrappers on the table. Used tissues all over the house. And the list goes on. How hard is it to take it to the trash?
  3. Stickers on my wall – My 4 year old loves stickers! But watch out! They end up everywhere. I have Hello Kitty on my kitchen wall. Letter stickers all over her closet. A sparkly jewel on my living room wall. Then there are the 3 “super” stickers on her bedside table, and about 5 mermaids on the wall beside her bed. I’m sure there are more I just haven’t them found yet.
  4. We must visit EVERY bathroom – It doesn’t matter if we pee before we leave the house. The second we get to the store, she has to go. Then at the next store, she has to go again. We go to a restaurant, she has to go before we even order. I think there is an obsession with seeing the inside of the bathrooms. What’s the first thing she asks me when we talk about a new place? Do they have a potty there? Ugh!
  5. Wiping hands on their clothes – Why can we not use napkins? It should be so simple. Even with one sitting right beside them, they choose to wipe their hands down the front of their shirt or on their pants. I don’t understand how to make them stop.  

If you have any solutions to end the madness, please share them with me!!

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