Maintain Your Summer Sanity – 5 Survival Tips

Summer break is here! If your first week was anything like mine, you are already hiding in the closet hoping for 2-minutes of peace. To help keep my sanity, and possibly save yours, I’ve put together this list of 5 Mom sanity savers.

Summer Sanity – 5 Survival Tips

  1. Get Them Active – Nothing makes me happier than when my kids fall asleep the moment they climb into bed! No stalling, constant requests, or prolonged chatter. Just peace. To accomplish this, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Enticing things like swimming (while I relax and watch), playing in a sprinkler, a slip & slide, or jumping in the bounce house (we have a small one we blow up in the house and it’s been so worth the investment). Even letting them run on the treadmill is a treat in their eyes! These are things they can typically do on their own and expel a ton of energy. When you see the boredom setting in, just suggest one of these activities and they are off and running…literally.
  2. Play Dates – Better yet, plan some play dates with a friend or another Mom you enjoy spending time with. Set up a weekly schedule to make it part of your routine. Every Wednesday is picnic in the park day. Or meet at the beach/playground/park to get out of the house. You can even keep it basic and just take turns hosting at each other’s house. This gives you and the kids something to look forward to.
  3. Schedule Me Time – I have a group of Mom’s that plan GNO’s (girls night out). It’s a fun night away from the kids. Something we all look forward to periodically. Make sure to also factor in time to pamper yourself. A glass of wine after kid bedtime. A hot bubble bath. A good pedicure (or a mediocre one at home). Read a book by the pool. Just take a drive in the car, kid free. Try to use whatever time you can to focus on what you enjoy.
  4. Delegate Work/Ask For Help – This is probably one of the hardest. I hate asking for help. However, it is a huge sanity saver to delegate tasks out where you can. Establish a chore list for the kids. Things they can step up and take ownership of for the summer. Negotiate with your spouse/partner for added support. If we don’t communicate our needs, no one can help us. Life is much more pleasant when the stresses of parenting are well balanced.
  5. Throw Out The Routine – In a lot of ways I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. When summer kicks in, I rather enjoy some lazy days at home. No plans or activities. Nowhere to be. No expectations. Stay in my comfy clothes (or if I’m honest my pajamas). Watch TV, play on electronics, and just lounge. We snack and eat cereal or sandwiches on demand versus scheduled meal times. All structure gets tossed out the window. It’s such a nice change of pace from the busy school year.

What do you do to stay sane in the summertime?

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