5 Tips To Get Comfortable Around Grief

comfort with grief

Choose your words wisely. A phrase drilled into our minds during childhood in an effort to teach awareness, kindness, and compassion for others. You never know the profound impact your words can have on another person. I never understood how much pressure exists in that lesson until I began walking this path of grief and loss. In the first 24 … Read More

The Trick Guaranteed To Make A Kid’s Fake Smile Real

real smile

Let’s face it, taking pictures of your kids is a crap shoot. Getting a real smile takes not only effort but requires a sacrifice to the gods. Miracles like that don’t just happen. While I know perfection is unrealistic and I love a good story that goes along with a horrible picture, I am human. I want cute photos of my … Read More

9 Simple Productivity Tips – Get More Done

If you’re like me, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. As a Mom, my “to do” list is never ending. Sometimes at the end of the day I look around and wonder what I did all day. It’s so frustrating! Lately I’ve put the focus back on my blog. Stepping up my game. This … Read More

Maintain Your Summer Sanity – 5 Survival Tips

Summer break is here! If your first week was anything like mine, you are already hiding in the closet hoping for 2-minutes of peace. To help keep my sanity, and possibly save yours, I’ve put together this list of 5 Mom sanity savers. Summer Sanity – 5 Survival Tips Get Them Active – Nothing makes me happier than when my kids fall … Read More

Tips For Surviving a Sick Child

These last few days have been crazy! While I didn’t marry a doctor, I feel like I’m spending more time with ours than I am with my own husband. Not only did we all seem to have dentist appointments this week, but we also added a sleep study, ENT visit, and a trip to the (way more than a) Minute … Read More