Tips For Surviving a Sick Child

These last few days have been crazy! While I didn’t marry a doctor, I feel like I’m spending more time with ours than I am with my own husband. Not only did we all seem to have dentist appointments this week, but we also added a sleep study, ENT visit, and a trip to the (way more than a) Minute Clinic. It’s only Wednesday!!

Right now we have 3 sick kids at home. To top it off, this is the first time the baby has been sick. She’s a bit more clingy than usual…especially at night. Colds are no fun! Neither are ear infections.

Everyone knows when kids are sick, Mom makes it all better. So how does Mom stay sane? Here are my tips for surviving a sick child (or children).

Tips For Surviving a Sick Child:

  •  Always stock up on the basics! In our house that means Children’s Benedryl, Children’s Tylenol, Sudafed (Decongestant), Children’s Ibuprofen, and Robitussin DM. My kids live on these when they get a cold. The worst thing to have happen is find a half empty bottle in the closet. I hate late night runs to the pharmacy! You know it is always at bedtime when your child requires that first dose of medicine! Avoid those late night runs to the pharmacy by always making sure you have an extra bottle in the closet ready to go!
  • Lysol – Another required item to always stock up on! The moment someone gets sick, your house will become a cesspool of germs. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. Plus, it never fails that once one person has a cold, the others quickly get in line behind them. Everyone wants to join in the fun! Before all is said and done, the entire house has had their turn (or turns). I Lysol everything! Beds, light switches, faucets, toilets, door knobs, and anything that seems to be high traffic germ magnets.
  • Hand Sanitizer – I always keep one by the kitchen sink, and one by my bathroom sink. Anytime I’m dispensing their medicine, holding their favorite toys, or clearing dishes after a meal. This one is mostly for my own personal attempt at staying healthy.
  • Vicks – I LOVE VICKS!!! There is just something magical about the scent that comes from that little blue tub. I could seriously slather it all over my body and be in menthol heaven…when I’m sick that’s pretty much what I do. However, I do caution you on this one with kids! It’s been reported that it is not necessarily recommended for infants and young children. Apparently it can increase mucus production and clog up tiny airways making it more difficult to breathe. My kids love to have it lathered on their feet before bed (with nice socks). We have also put some on their chest without any issue. I keep it away from their noses.
  • The Gear – There are some obvious things you must have, like a thermometer. I would add two key things to this list. First being a Vicks Vaporizer (have I mentioned I LOVE VICKS?!). Not only does it help keep the air full of moisture, it also fills the room with that wonderful smell. The second is a standard heating pad. When you have an ear ache (or belly ache), it does wonders to help ease the pain.

We love having access to CVS Minute Clinics. They are amazing! Our visit today was a little out of the ordinary so I will give them a pass. They are open on weekends, when our pediatrician is typically closed. It also guarantees better access to be seen on the spur of the moment (kids always seem to get sick Friday evenings), eliminating the huge co-pay and wait time at the ER. Bonus is you can get any prescriptions filled right away.

To round out this list, make sure you have something on hand for your own sanity! This may be the most important. WINE! Or Vodka works too. This is for after the kids finally fall asleep.

What helps you survive a sick child?

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    1. That’s no fun at all! Last year I felt like we went in rounds. Nasty cold that would last 2 weeks. Then 2-weeks healthy…only to start all over again. I can’t wait for their little immune systems to build up.

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