My Daughter Scares Me – Standing Your Ground

It felt like I was in the wild, wild west. Standing across the room, her dark eyes staring me down. Little hand poised at her hip above her gun, ready to draw. The showdown was about to start. All we needed was the music (dun dun duuuun – you know you’re singing it in your head) and a lonely tumbleweed to … Read More

Discipline – If It’s Easy You Aren’t Doing Something Right

On our morning drive to school the kids start arguing. This isn’t so surprising. It’s almost a given when you get three kids in the same car. With the baby by the door it means the big kids have to sit beside each other. Too close! Pretty sure I need a car with third row seating. Melia (4) starts screaming because … Read More

We Need a Vocabulary Lesson

They joke that kids don’t listen until mom turns into a raving lunatic. At my house, that’s no joke! My kids do not listen until I’m screaming and flailing my arms. Even then it doesn’t guarantee that they will do as they are told right away. In a recent fit of madness it dawned on me. I’m not really sure … Read More

Why Parents Time Out is Necessary

There are days as a parent when you want to pull your hair out. Feeling like you just can’t take another minute. I know it’s hard to believe! The kids just won’t stop screaming. Constant fighting. Incessant whining. And the tattling! It’s all enough to make me lose my mind. It’s so easy to join in. Scream back at them. Add … Read More