Building a Curtain Board – Aging Wood with Tea & Iron

If you’re like me, you are probably wondering, “What the heck is a curtain board?” Those were my exact thoughts a few weeks ago. Now, it’s one of my favorite things in the living room! A couple of months ago we had a big mishap at our house. If you caught a post I did a while back, you saw … Read More

How To Clean A Shower With No Effort

I’m all about simplicity. Especially when it comes to cleaning. Bathrooms are the worst! Anytime I can, I look for cheats that save time and effort. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto this one just by taking a shower at my Mom’s house! My normal shower cleaning routine consisted of keeping a bathroom bleach spray in the shower. Every … Read More

Salt Dough Recipe – Handprints & Footprints

I’m sure you have seen activities using a salt dough recipe. Pinterest is full of them. For Sienna’s first birthday we joined in the fun and made our own handprint craft.   When Cameron and Melia were little (3 years & 6 weeks), we came across a vendor at a craft show. She was selling hand and foot print plaques. … Read More

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains – What You Need to Know First

Have you heard of DIY curtains made from painter’s canvas drop cloths? Thanks to Pinterest, I had. It only took a couple of photos and I fell in love with the idea. When I needed to find curtains for my living/dining room area (that didn’t cost over $100 per panel), I decided to give them a try. I love all things … Read More

DIY Jewelry Box

I love thrift store shopping! It’s especially fun when I can turn my finds into a project. This project was inspired by my niece, Olivia. During one of her visits, we did some thrift store shopping. She surprised me by making me a DIY jewelry box. I loved it so much, we just made one for Melia (4). I bought some … Read More

Repurpose an Old Bi-Fold Door – DIY Project

The inspiration for this project came from a stack of photos. You know the pictures you get of nieces and nephews, friends children…even your own children. They aren’t necessarily going up on the wall in a frame. My refrigerator has the wood panels so that was out. So what do I do with these photos that I want to see but … Read More

DIY Kitchen Pot Rack Repurpose Project

Today I wanted to share one of my older, favorite DIY projects. It’s one I look at every day. It completely transformed my kitchen. A pot rack repurpose project. When we bought our house there was a pot rack hanging in the kitchen. Let me start by saying, I’m not really a pot rack kind of girl. They just feel … Read More

DIY Bookshelves Made From Wooden Crates

I love wooden crates! Strange, right?! While wasting spending quality time on Pinterest, I would see all these DIY bookshelves made out of wooden crates. So simple. Rustic. Clever. This project went on my list of “must dos”. The last few years I’ve been building the kids library. Majority of our books are thrift store finds. I just love their book sections! … Read More

Scratch Offs – Rewards for Good Behavior – Printable

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what we are doing to reward good behavior. What I realized is that most of our parenting is about bribing or threatening versus true rewards. If you are good at the store…if you don’t stop right now…then fill in the blanks. Trying to entice good behavior. In the working world, many companies have … Read More

Bubble Recipe

What kid doesn’t like bubbles? Bubble machines, blowing bubbles, or getting spilled. They go fast! Here is a simple DIY bubble recipe you can make at home. It’s cheap and easy. The best part is you will have enough to last for a while. Bubble Recipe: 6 Cups Water (Best with distilled. Tap water also works.) 1 Cup Dish Soap 1/4 … Read More