Repurpose an Old Bi-Fold Door – DIY Project

The inspiration for this project came from a stack of photos. You know the pictures you get of nieces and nephews, friends children…even your own children. They aren’t necessarily going up on the wall in a frame. My refrigerator has the wood panels so that was out. So what do I do with these photos that I want to see but don’t have a place for? This was my mission.

Just before my 3rd baby was born, I bought an old bi-fold closet door from a Habitat for Humanity Restore. I love shopping at their stores! I think I spent $12 on it.

This project, like most of my projects, turned into a family affair. Melia (then almost 4) helped to remove the hardware. This particular door had never been painted before. In those instances, I would recommend sanding first. It will help the wood absorb the paint evenly.

For this project I chose Krylon’s Blue Ocean Breeze. I love their paint + primer. This is the same color I had used when I redid a dresser to use as a side table in the dining room and 2 end tables for the living room. The blue was different and it turned out amazing. For those I glazed the final product. This time, I simply painted the door blue.

A few tips for you. Paint in light layers so you don’t get dripping or running. I like to paint outside for the best ventilation. Make sure you are not in direct sunlight or you will likely get some bubbles in the paint due to the heat. This project took a few coats to get the paint coverage and color I wanted. Just allow it to dry well in between each coat (at least an hour).


Once done, I let mine dry overnight in the garage. Simply put the hinges back on and you are good to go.

Place the door where you want it. Mine leans against the wall in the corner of my living room. To hang the photos, I purchased small clothes pins at Hobby Lobby. I had an old letter G (our last initial) that I painted brown and hung with a piece of twine. Then I just filled in with some wire decor that I happened to have (easily found in floral department of a craft store).

The only thing missing at this point is for me to finish painting that room. When I’m done, the wall behind it will be a light sage green. It’s a slow process, but it will be worth it in the end.

Bifold Door DIY

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repurpose bi-fold door

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    1. Yard sales? People’s old junk in the garage? Put an ISO on the local flea market site. Never know, you may find one.

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