Grief And Loss – What Should Year 2 Look Like?

grief and loss

The first year of grief and loss is typically thought to be the hardest. You learn how to breathe again. You learn how to compartmentalize your life and manage (even mask) your grief. Survival through each milestone, creating a new normal, and learning how to keep going takes all of your energy and focus. So when we hit the first … Read More

When Life Has you Feeling Overwhelmed

child loss and grief

Life has a way of leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Things are going along like normal (new normal anyway) and bam! Out of nowhere it hits you. How did this happen? I think it happened when I walked away from the second mess of the day. I say I think because I really can’t remember. My ability to focus on things … Read More

How Minnie Mouse Delivered A Message From Heaven

I love a message from heaven story. This is one I have not really shared. It’s one of my “this is going to sound crazy, but” stories. I typically reserve them for people closest to me. Those that won’t think I’ve completely lost my marbles. However, I believe they are important to share. Signs are everywhere! This story begins in February 2016. … Read More

11 Crazy Things I Do As A Bereaved Mother

Becoming a bereaved mother, my life has changed in ways I never expected. I’m not stating the obvious here. Yes, my life has been turned upside down since my son died. This is more behavior based. It’s quite possible these behaviors I’ve picked up are survival mechanisms. I can tell you I am on the journey of a lifetime related to … Read More

Parenting After the Loss of a Child

I’ve had so many bereaved parents tell me it was their other children that helped them through. Gave them a reason to get out of bed every day. Helped them move forward and live again. I get it. My girls are the only reason I get out of bed. Though at this stage, I feel as if I’m just existing. Going through … Read More