Cameron’s First Balloon is Found

The first balloon has been found! On January 6th, exactly 1-week after the balloon launch, we got our first email.

If you’ve read the story of Cameron’s Memorial, you know we launched balloons with a message attached. We asked anyone that found a balloon to email us, letting us know where they found it. That Cameron had touched one more life. This was done out of pure curiosity. Would we ever hear from anyone?

We did! We were shocked.

George Epple was out for a walk when he came upon a red balloon in his garden. The balloon had traveled over 1300 miles to Bedford, MA. Just outside of Boston.

Balloon Found

Mr. Epple’s local paper ran a story today. To be honest, the story was great until I realized the reporter referenced an inaccurate obituary listing his cause of death wrong (still upsets me that an obituary with wrong information is out there).

So today I will share the full story.

When the balloons launched, we didn’t expect them to make it past the undeveloped areas in the direction they headed. We never expected them to make it out of the state of Florida. So when we got the email that the first one showed in Boston?! We couldn’t believe it.


Later that evening, we realized the first interesting part of the story. You see, Cameron’s favorite video game was Fallout 4. It is set in the Boston area. There is even a location in the game called Bedford Station, named after the town and sharing the same approximate location. We know Cameron visited that location during his game play. Kind of cool, right?!

Well, the story gets more interesting.

Mr. Epple shared with us a story from his past. When he was a child, he wrote a note and put it into a bottle. He tossed it into the ocean off the shores of New England. Years later, his bottle was recovered on a beach in Florida. The person that found it tracked him down via mail (before the days of email) to return it.

Now here we are, launching balloons from Florida that end up in Mr. Epple’s yard. Crazy, right?!

He is mailing the balloon back to us. So far, this is still the only one that has been recovered. We have decided our tradition will continue each year on his birthday to launch some balloons (including the same note). It should be interesting to see if others are found. I’m sure Cameron is enjoying it.

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9 Comments on “Cameron’s First Balloon is Found”

  1. Emily,
    I have been following your family’s story. I have 3 young boys myself and can relate to so much in your blog posts about raising kids. Cameron seems like a wonderful little boy and my heart breaks for you. After reading your posts for weeks and I had to take the chance to tell you that your story, Cameron’s story has made a big impact on me. God bless you and your sweet girls and I pray for your peace.

    1. Thanks for reading (and your comment), Kimberly. Every person that hears our story helps keep Cameron alive.

  2. So awesome & inspiring! The very first thing that came to my mind as I read about the incredible recovery in Mass. was, “Wings of an Angel.”

    1. Bobby! Thanks for reading. Cool story right?! Love that he responded to the email. There are probably many that wouldn’t.

  3. You are doing a wonderful job for sharing him to keep his memory alive.
    Hugs From Charlotte, NC.


  4. Emily,
    I came upon your story by way of your cousin, Heather. I reached out to Heather and sent her a small gift for you. My son, William, died 7.5 years ago. Facebook was unknown to me then and I felt very alone. Eventually I came upon an amazing mother, blogger and woman; Sheila Quirke better known as Mary Tyler Mom. MTM blogged her daughter’s cancer story and shares it every September. It was in reading her story that I found the strength to share my own.
    As a fellow grieving mother I want to say that you, sharing your story, especially so soon after Cameron’s death; is such a testament to the strength within you. I won’t bother with platitudes. I just wanted to reach out to you personally and let you know that I am incredibly sorry that you and your family are facing life without your son. It is a pain no parent should ever endure.
    Although I did not find a balloon, you can add me to the list of people who have been touched by your son. In life and in death he has made his imprint on the world. He will not be forgotten.
    I am on Facebook, my email is listed above. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.
    Sending love, light, and profound empathy.

    1. Regina, I’m sorry to hear about your son. Thanks for reaching out. It’s good to hear Cameron’s story is making such an impact. Hugs!

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